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Top Universities in France for Fine Arts

Fine arts or creative arts tend to be the symbol of France itself. De facto, the field of fine arts has strong support from the state, as its traditions in the fine arts are profound and various. Painting, sculpture, dance, architecture, music, cinema, and photography are some of the subfields of fine arts in which international students have been finding fulfillment while studying in universities of France.

The procedure for applying to a French university is straightforward and criteria can be reached easily as long as the student is prepared, in two aspects academically and motivationally. Since the French language is attractive and quite romantic, learning to speak it will only add some more to your artistic values, as it has its own color and verve. Learning the language of love and innovative reforms in law will boost your future career in fine arts.

Here are some of the top universities in France for fine arts:

1. Sorbonne Universite

Known for its wonderful academic settings and as a world-class university, Sorbonne has the most updated sources for shaping your future into a secure and life-long success. As a multifunctional institution on Paris’s axis, it aspires to solve the scientific problems of the twenty-first century by supporting diversity, creativity, innovation, and global openness. Sorbonne Institution is a European and international university that is motivated by societal challenges and contributes to the growth of knowledge on a global scale.

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Sorbonne University offers some of the most comprehensive degrees in the field of arts, literature, languages, human and social sciences. This faculty is remarked for its strong worldwide reputation, allowing its students to broaden their horizons by collaborating with prominent universities throughout Europe and the world, on academic and research projects.

All of its academic staff are committed to conveying a humanist culture and creating diverse pathways from which students will be introduced to career opportunities. 

2. Universite de Paris

Universite de Paris has an incredible heritage within Paris and its suburban areas which reflects its prestige in a variety of specialties of Arts, Humanities and Languages faculty. The objective of Université de Paris, which was formed in 2019 by the merging of the universities of Paris Diderot, Paris Descartes, and Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, is to lead and develop potential to address the problems of tomorrow’s society. It is important to emphasize that this university is one of the most outstanding and ambitious educational institutions in the world.

Under the field of societies and humanities falls the LAC Department, whose acronym stands for French Literature, Art, and Film Studies. The LAC Department uses an interdisciplinary approach to offer programs in these three subjects. The goal is to provide students with solid instruction in their chosen field at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate levels, as well as preparation for national teaching tests (CAPES and Agrégation). Students can achieve their educational goals and excel in the workplace by following the solid instructions that the department offers.

3. Ecole Normale Supérieure

The Ecole Normale Superieure is both, a Grande Ecole and a university. Intellectual freedom, multidisciplinary in literature and sciences is what really characterizes this higher educational institution. According to its policy, Ecole Normale Superieure is based on the implementation of a scientific and technological research rule. Ecole Normale Superieure, located in the heart of the Latin Quarter, prepares students for careers in teaching and research.

International students are at ease when it comes to picking humanities and social sciences degrees at Ecole Normale Supérieure. The Department of Arts is a prominent chair that sits many research activities in the artistic field of cinematography and theatrical studies, art history, and musicology.  From the beginning through the research level, the department offers a comprehensive sequence of courses and seminars.

4. University of Aix-Marseille

Aix-Marseille University is dedicated to interdisciplinarity, which is at the heart of its development strategy and has recently established 15 educational institutions that provide cross-disciplinary research and education, as well as a global perspective. AMU is considered one of the most research-intensive universities in the world. What adds to this higher educational institution is the five disciplinary sectors that are spread over 17 components — faculties, schools, institutions, as well as one multidisciplinary sector.

The faculty of Arts, Literature, Languages, and Humanities offers a broad range of degrees in multiple disciplines. The department of Arts comprises five sectors that are visual arts and art sciences, music and music sciences, cinema and audiovisual, theater, and the last one cultural mediation. This department provides academic training for all five sectors, from bachelor’s degrees to doctorates, as well as visual and musical arts and music training, with a focus on teaching competitions.

5. École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS)

The higher education institution of École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales has a special focus on studying the complexities of societies. EHESS strives to bring together people from different corners of the world, be it students, researchers, or even professors, to introduce them to the quality of studies. The School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS), a unique institution, symbolizes the philosophical idea of a continuous interaction between all human and social sciences.

EHESS is a university that does research, teaches, and awards degrees. It provides advanced students with high-level studies that will prepare them for research professions. Students are admitted to the EHESS master’s and doctorate programs based on their dossiers. There is an abundance of specializations that one can choose from.

6. Les Beaux Arts de Paris

The Beaux-Arts de Paris is a publishing house as well as a site for training and artistic experimentation, exhibitions, and conservation of ancient and modern collections. Additionally, it is known as one of the best art schools in Paris, and it takes place right at the center of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. The academy was founded in the 17th century by Louis XIV and has since established itself as one of the world’s most prestigious art institutions.

Following the four-year program in the Beaux-Arts Academy means that you will reach the highest standard of artistic excellence as well as the peak of classicism. You will learn each of the other sister arts, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and architecture, as well as experience classicism as the circumscribing aesthetic, while simultaneously growing in your major. Twenty-nine workshops are under the supervision of artist-teachers in the department of artistic practices. The studio is a venue for artistic creativity, experimentation, and practice. It also serves as a forum for discussion, trade, and critique. It is converted into an exhibition room at specific times of the year, particularly during graduation or evaluation periods.

7. Paris College of Art

The artistic and intellectual growth of potential students into extraordinary painters, photographers, designers, and design managers is promoted at Paris College of Art, a new name for a college with over 30 years of expertise. This is an international art college in the center of the city, in the vibrant 10th arrondissement of Paris. Among the pleasant learning environment, they provide a diverse range of art degree and diploma programs, as well as summer exchanges and study abroad opportunities.

As an international student, you will find multiple American degree programs in art and design. At the Paris College of Art, you may pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Interior Design, or photography. The Foundation Year, which can be completed in person or online, is required for all of our degree programs. Students can also complete the Global BFA in Film Art, a three-year program offered in collaboration with Emerson College.

Graduate programs cover a wide range of topics, including sketching, photography and image-making, interior design, and design for social interaction, among others. PCA also offers a number of year-long certificate programs for people interested in honing their skills in areas such as photography, interior design, fashion design, and so on.

8. Ecole de Condé

The School of Conde or Ecole de Conde is the stamp of fine arts. It is refered as the school for design, illustration, photography, animated film, and heritage restoration. It is a private technical higher education institution that offers courses at levels 6 and 7 of the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP). Ecole de Condo’s campuses are places of living where communal intelligence is practiced and the spirit of initiative is encouraged. It boasts more than a dozen campuses spread over Europe and France, but the Paris campus is one of the most stunning.

The Design training combines aesthetic experimentation, the search for new uses, and new ways of creating meaning. Under the department of Design students can find four Bachelors: Printed & Digital Graphic Design, Space Design – Interior Architecture, Product Design – Objects, and Fashion Design – Styling. Another yet interesting department of this college is the Formation Illustration & Animation department. From Bachelors to Masters this department brings together the Illustration-Comics, Animation – Motion Design, and Video Game Animation sections. Of special remark are also the training in Photography and Animated Pictures which take over three years to complete. The Bachelor of Motion Picture Photography allows you to study a Masters in Art Direction in UX/UI Graphic Design, a further step that will teach you to design complex visual communication projects.

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