Along with the costs of tuition in France, you also need to keep in mind the many other factors that affect the money that you will spend while in college. This includes costs of renting accommodation, food, entertainment, supplies, tests and miscellaneous fees. This is money that you absolutely need to budget for in advance. The last thing that you want to do is to get to France and not have the money that you need.

You can easily calculate these costs and determine the true amounts that are needed to attend a college in the country. There are many ways in which this can be done. Take a look on the Internet and learn what the costs of things are in France. If you are coming from the U.S., you can certainly expect the costs of living to be fairly comparable or perhaps even a little less than what you’re used to paying back home. Coming from the United Kingdom, you will soon learn that France is considerably cheaper than back home. This is something that you will enjoy as cash may not always come easy when you are attending college.

Make sure that you take the time to do this as you do not want to arrive on the scene and find yourself in for a shock over the high costs of attending university.

Additionally, it is required that you provide this proof if you are an international student. It is estimated that the average student will need to have around 430 EUR per month to survive while attending school in France. This equals about 5,160 EUR per year. This is a low estimate, however, and you should always plan to have a little more than what is determined that you will need.

The average tuition costs for attending a college in France will vary according to the school that you wish to attend, the courses that you are taking, whether you are a resident of the EU or a foreign student and other information.  The average rates for tuition vary from about 150 EUR per term to 900 EUR per term. Again this amount varies and is based on a number of factors. If you are looking to attend a college that is low cost it is in your best interest to compare your options before you begin.

There are a number of grants and scholarships available from the French to citizens wishing to continue their education in France. The number of funds, trusts and grants available for international students is much less. There are several different options that are available including French Government grants, grants by the Government of a native country or aid from international and non-Governmental organizations. Financial aid in France can be awarded to a student based on the need for the help or merit.

Some of the internal and external scholarships available in academic institutions in France can cover partial or total expenses of attending college. Here are a few scholarships that students abroad can take advantage of:

  • The Michaela Farnum Memorial Scholarship by International Studies Abroad Inc. (ISA)
  • Dr. Carlos E. Memorial Scholarship by International Studies Abroad Inc.
  • Chateaubriand Fellowship by University of Illinois.
  • .IES Abroad Excellence in a Foreign Language Scholarship by Institute for the International Education of Students.
  • ISA Diversity Scholarship by International Studies Abroad Inc
  • GSE Summer Scholarship by Global Student Experience.
  • GSE Language Development Scholarship by Global Student Experience.
  • GSE Academic Scholarship by Global Student Experience.
  • Boren Scholarships and fellowships by Boren Awards For International Study.
  • Arcadia University Gilman Scholarships.
  • Annette Kade Scholarships by International Student Exchange Program.

Although the amount of financial assistance is limited for international students, the cost of attending university in France is considerably lower compared to the costs in other countries. This helps make up for the lack of financial aid assistance that is available.

Should you be interested in obtaining financial assistance to help cover the costs of attending college you should speak with the financial department of the college you are interested in attending. They can point you in the right direction for applications, procedures and other important information concerning the assistance.

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