Attending a college or university in France means you will have the option of learning in French or in English. Of course, if you do not understand any French, choosing to take your courses in English is something that you should plan to do. The option of learning French is certainly there, and should you learn enough of the language to speak/understand it, you may wish to consider taking some of your courses in the French language. When you choose this option you are extending your learning capabilities and can take home something that you may have never expected upon arrival in the country.

Since there are so many international students attending colleges and universities in France, you can easily find courses offered in both languages. Now, this is not to say that there are not a number of benefits for those who choose to take the plunge and learn their courses in French or that there is anything wrong with taking the courses in English either.

If you are interested in really learning the culture of the country, as well as meeting other students and forming friendships, utilizing a French course is the best option. You can find yourself meeting new people when you choose the French taught courses while also ‘fitting in’ easier. You must be devoted to learning and have proficient knowledge of the French language to attempt this. Remember this is your education first and foremost, so never do anything that might jeopardise the outcome.

It is really your choice as to how you will learn. You may even consider mixing things up just a little bit. You may find it an advantage to take one or two courses in French and the rest in English.

Another option that you have is to take a course in the French language. Since you are going to be in the country for quite a period of time, while you attend university, it can be of the greatest benefit to learn the language of the country so that you can speak it well. French is a beautiful language, and it is sweet to the ear. Being able to speak and understand it adds so much significance to your life. No decision is wrong that you make as long as you are getting the education that you came to receive.

Do keep in mind that some of the courses that are being offered from French institutions are taught only in one language or another. Since it is a requirement to attend a French school that you be proficient in English, you can expect there to be a number of courses that are available only in this language. To learn more about the language that classes are taught in, as well as your options for making a selection, you can always talk to the college that you are planning to attend. They can provide you with all of the best information to make your decision easier.

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