One of the most important things that you need to decide once you know you are going to study in France is where you will live while you are there. France has numerous housing options available to students, but not all of them are created the same. It is a good idea to check out your options before you leave so that you are prepared with a great place to call home while you are studying.

There are numerous options available to help make this happen. It is a good idea to take a look at a few of the options that you have before making your selection. When this is done you can find a place that is affordable to your budget as well as something that meets all of your requirements and desires. This is important to have when you are travelling so far from home and your comfort zone.

Of course, you can always opt to stay in a hotel while you are in France, but this option can become quite expensive. Hotels usually charge nightly rates, and let’s face facts here, if you’re staying in a hotel, this can become quite boring and bring about a feeling of homesickness very quickly. There is no way for you to cook for yourself if you choose to stay in a hotel and eating out at a restaurant can certainly add to the expense very quickly. If it is a hotel that you are interested in, be sure to check out a variety of choices before making a selection, so that you get the best priced hotel that meets your needs.

A more affordable and more ample option to take would be to stay in an extended stay hotel which offers weekly and monthly rates. These extended stay hotels make you feel more at home and are much more affordable to any budget. Usually the extended stay hotel options in the country include all of your utilities in the rental rate, as well as other features including kitchenettes and business areas/living spaces. You will have a phone, a bed, a kitchen and a living area so you feel more like being at home; as well as having the space to move about freely without feeling constricted to one area.

Along with these accommodation options, individuals who are studying in France will find apartments and townhouses also available for rental. These are much more affordable than either hotel accommodation choice and help you feel more at home even if you happen to be thousands and thousands of miles away.  The cost of an apartment, flat or townhouse rental will also vary according to the city that you are in, the choice that you make and a number of other factors. While these options are great for those who are attending college long-term, even those who will be in the country studying for only a few months of time will find there is a lot of money to be saved in this manner. Because education in France is so diverse and sought after by individuals across the country, student-friendly rental housing is popular in the country. There are many rentals available that require no lease at all or a short-term lease. This option makes it easy for anyone to take care of their accommodation needs.

The average cost of housing in France is 250 to 700 EUR per month, although this rate is greatly affected by the region that you stay in, as well as the exact accommodation that you have selected. It is in your best interest to take a look at the various options that are available to find what works best for you and your needs. There are many choices that cost far more than these rates, as well as those that will cost you less. The amount that you spend on your housing will vary greatly.

It is a good idea to look into student housing if it is offered at the institution that you have selected. Not all institutions in the country offer student housing, however, so this is something that you will need to ascertain. Additionally, choosing to live with a roommate as you complete your studies is an excellent idea and an awesome way to greatly reduce your costs of living.

Having a roommate is also an accommodation option that is available for you. Many roommate situations can be found throughout France, and not only does this give you the chance to cut back on some of the money that you spend on rent, you can also cut back on the costs of utilities and other services. The chance to live with other people also helps you socialize easier as you meet people that are living with you, their friends and so on and so forth.

As you can see there are certainly a number of benefits that are available with a roommate situation. But you also need to consider the few negatives to the situation, as well. It is hard to share space with people, especially people that you do not know. You are sharing space, time, and living quarters and sometimes it just doesn’t work out. You need to find roommates who are respectful and courteous and you need to also bring the same qualities to the table. When this can be done the roommate situation can work out for the best. Otherwise it may not be a smart idea to consider this option.

There is a social housing program also offered in the country, although the process for admission into such schemes is often difficult and very lengthy. It is still an option open for you to consider, though. If you want to learn more about the social housing program that is available in the country and/or local area specifically, you can speak to your university. They should be able to provide you with the details of the program. Since there is a good chance there is a long waiting list, you should apply for the program as early as possible.

While cost is always one of the most important factors in choosing the housing you will utilize while studying in France, it is also essential that you keep a few other considerations in mind as well, including location. If you are going to have to travel hours to make it to university or call a taxi cab every time you want to go out, it may not be the best location for you. Always look for housing that is near your university, as well as job (if you have one while there) and something that is close to the attractions that you want to take advantage of.

You do not want to get a house that is far out from everything. You should be close to the city and your university campus, as well as entertainment. This is something that can make it a lot easier, especially when you are coming to the area and may not know a lot about the neighbourhood.

Also keep in mind that financial aid may cover some of the costs of your living while you are studying in France. If you are a student with a permit and low income you may qualify for such benefits. For example, if you are a student without significant income and have a valid resident permit, it is likely you can benefit. The amounts can be significant so get informed. There are a few different programs that may be able to help you. These programs are usually offered through the CAF or the French state assistance fund for families. The most common assistance programs available are the APS program and the APL program. The amount of help that an individual can receive from such a program varies and is dependent upon factors which include the amount of income that you have, the type of housing you are residing in and the amount of rent that you are paying.

The application for financial assistance for housing is available only on the website, which is in French. Keep in mind that you must have a rental contract in your name to be eligible for the assistance; in addition to the other criteria. You are also required to submit your Birth Certificate and a certified translation. You should apply for the housing program as soon as you know that you are attending college in the country for the best chances of securing a spot on the program. Also be sure that it is something that you really need, as they are strict on those who are allotted the funding and try to ensure that it is used only by those who truly need it the most.

Be sure that you take a look at all of the options that are available to you when trying to find accommodation while you are attending university. If you allow for this time, you are certain to find the perfect arrangements to accommodate your needs.


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