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Learn French in France

French is the second most spoken language in Europe and along with the English is the only language taught in every country in the world. This guide shows you how to learn French in France.

French is a highly respected and recognized language among employers and universities around the globe. People who excel in French have many opportunities to find a good job, build their own business or seek an academic career. And where you can achieve this goal except you choose to learn French in France? Nowhere.

Settling yourself in an environment of fluent French speakers it’s not all it takes to learn French. Whether you have a stable level of French or not you will still have to put efforts on to become fluent. A good strategy and the right mindset will get you there within a short period of time. Below are some tips you can start with.

Start with greetings

Nobody likes to start learning a language with grammar rules and heavy vocabulary. Starting with some basic expressions that will give you a sense of self-achievement within a second and certainly will encourage you to learn more is a better idea. Learn for example how to say “How are you?”, “Good Morning”. Here are some easy and very handy words you can learn in French

  • Bonjour! – Good morning or Hello
  • Bonsoir! – Good evening
  • Je m’apelle… – My name is…
  • Comment allez-vus? – How are you?
  • Je vais bien – I’m good
  • Merci! – Thank you!
  • Excusez moi – My apologize
  • S’ill vous plait! – Please!
  • Salut! – Bye bye
  • A plus tard – See you later
  • Apres vous – After you
  • Bonne journee – Have a nice day
  • Bon Anniversaire – Happy birthday
  • Bonne route – Safe journey
  • Bon appetite – Enjoy your meal
  • Sante! – Cheers!

These are just some of the most common words you’ll need to initiate a basic conversation. Learn them and try to make up such dialogue. You don’t even need to simulate it in your head since there are many locals with whom you can start a casual discussion.

Keep notes

Notes are a very important tool to learn a new foreign language. Memory won’t be sufficient to expand your vocabulary. You will need always to check repeatedly for a word.When you get to learn French in France you should consider keeping flashcards and whenever you face an unknown word you can just write it down. If you decide to remember it and look for its meaning afterward instead of writing it somewhere you will probably forget it. After you encounter the same word for two, three or four times it will engrave in your brain.

Read and Speak often

Our brain’s ability to memorize and connect information is at a maximum when we find an activity to be fun.The smartest advice one can give to you when you learn French in France is to combine entertaining and learning in a process. Do you like tourism? Then log into the Internet and read articles concerning France’s tourist attractions. Because it’s an area you’re passionate about you’ll find it easier to remember new words. Gradually increase the complexity of materials you read. After internet articles start to look easy at you challenge yourself with more difficult readings, for example, a magazine. You can set a particular time to read. For example, you can develop a habit of reading for half hour before getting to bed.

Learning a language is not just about learning new words or to perfect grammar rules. After you have accomplished a pleasant level of knowledge in French you must speak out. In the end, if you’re not able to maintain an ongoing conversation in French than you’re still at the zero point. You must speak. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. And this doesn’t mean a Bonjour! or Ça va? to someone. You must speak often. Learning French in France is your life-time opportunity to fully immerse with a vibrant and dynamic medium of French speakers. Don’t feel distressed and self-conscious if you omit a word fearing locals will avoid you. French people like when foreigners try their best to say something even when they can’t make out a word of what you say. Quite frankly there’s no better place to practice French than in France.

Markets and other shopping places are perfect places to practice basic French conversation because you have to say greetings, ask the staff members for a product, deal with numbers and currencies and so on. Some other good places where you can practice French are restaurants. Imagine the feeling it gives to you an independent order you’ll make. You can join an organization that deals with activities you’re keen on like a sport for example. Like in every country, French people will be organizing traditional activities where you can participate. Alongside learning the French language you’ll learn about their customs and traditions.

Register a French course

Save yourself some time by identifying which technique of learning works out to you. It may sound unpolite to say it but some of you aren’t individually learners. Not because you’re less gifted than others, but you learn easier in a group rather than alone. Fortunately, in France, you’ll tackle this issue in no time. There are many institutions created to offer specific courses to people aiming to learn French in France. From beginners to advanced French speakers, each can find a course that fits perfectly with his or her needs and his or her finances.

In addition to traditional class-based courses, you can learn French in France also by a means of an online course. The online tutoring is very flexible because you can adjust the schedule of lessons to your daily itinerary. Besides this, you can seek a personal tutor who will be all yours.
The L’Alliance Francaise is an organization that aims to offer language courses to people who want to learn French. Further information you can find on this link

If you want to make sure you get structured learning materials, qualified teachers and the chance to interact with native speakers then try Lingoda. They have a variety of courses from 7-day trials to 3-month challenges. Check out here their programmes and various online French courses.

Mobile apps and Internet to learn French in France

Nowadays, technology has offered easier and unlimited ways to learn a language.Mobile applications are an efficient way to learn French or any other language. There are many of them and many more to be created so you’ll always find one it will suit you. Some may be focused on vocabulary, some may have reading passages, some may have grammar tips or podcasts. For each section, you can have one in your mobile. Download for free and use them frequently. Launch them while you’re lying in the bed at your apartment or while you’re waiting for the train to arrive at the station or while you’re waiting for the order in a restaurant. Depending on the situation you are you may want to know how to say a specific phrase in French and instead of waiting to get home you can open the application on your smartphone and you’re good to go. Additionally, mobile apps give a really good estimation at what level is your French and in which you need improvement.

Furthermore, you can use the Internet as a good way to reach other speakers to communicate and practice your French. Plenty of French learners stick together in different forums and groups which you can connect and access for free. Be sure to take part in their discussions by sharing your ideas or giving proposals around a topic of discussions. Also, there are usually advanced French speakers you can ask gently to give you tips and advice on how to tackle a problem you may have with grammar or whatsoever. Apart from the fact you’ll learn French, you’ll also make new friends.

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