Study in FranceFrance, the second most attractive destination for international students, survey finds

France, the second most attractive destination for international students, survey finds

64 percent of 14,245 surveyed international students chose France as the second most attractive country to study in.

Only Canada is ahead of the European country, with 69 percent of respondents choosing it as the most attractive country.

The survey was conducted in the period of time from July to October 2017.

Campus France organizes this annual survey since 2011 to asses France’s position as a study destination for international students, the role of the French language on its attractiveness, what international students remember from their stays and so on.

Their findings through years of overlooking show that the country is becoming a top attractive destination for foreign students.

Students who took part in this survey were divided into three groups: international students who plan to come study to France (2,528), those who are actually studying in France (4,876) and those who studied before(6,841).

Almost two-thirds of participators(64%) chose France as an attractive country to study. Germany (51%), the US (48%) and the UK (45%) were left behind as most attractive countries for international students.

Asked about the reasons why they chose France, most of them relied on the quality of training (46%). Interestingly, the culture (38%) and improving the French language (41%) were considered more important than the value of qualification received.

These international students were content with France and its educational system. A huge part of them recommended it as a study destination to prospect students.

92 percent of respondents said they would recommend France as a study place, which marks an increase compared to 91% in 2013 and 90% in 2011.

The benefits of studying in France as they mentioned include mostly a rewarding personal experience(38%), international experience(37%) and an internationally recognized degree(35%).

From those who did study in France, 90 percent of them declared themselves as being satisfied with their degree, while 88 percent of them were satisfied with the quality of education.

The actual global political situation turns to be the main factor why international students perceptions’ is reshaping. 76 percent of these students chose the US as an attractive country to study before the presidential election, and 54 percent chose the UK before Brexit.

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