France has a good reputation for their excellent postgraduate study programs. Those who want to study in Europe for a postgraduate program often look to France to do this. International students really enjoy the country and the postgraduate programs that are offered in France really are the best of the best. All of the institutions in France rank highly for their education and anyone who attends such a program in the country will learn so very much, often meaning that they excel in their future endeavours.

Postgraduate programs in France fall into three main categories:

  • Taught Masters (MAs/MScs/MEng)
  • Research Masters (MRes/ MA by Research)
  • Doctorates and PhDs

Taught Masters are postgraduate courses that are in a similar pattern to undergraduate studies, with lectures, seminars and tutorials given. Students are expected to research topics on their own and take and independent approach to their studying.

Research Masters are often seen as pre-requisites to entering a PhD program. Students in these programs must research a particular topic independently and focus on improving the research skills that are possessed to produce a dissertation or final project.

Earning a postgraduate degree at a French university varies. Most diplomas can be earned within a period of four years. Most degrees can be earned in a period of one to two years; however, again, this is all dependent upon the area of study in which you have selected.

The application process for a postgraduate program in the country is the same as is required for a graduate program. International students wishing to enter France to attend a college or university for a postgraduate program need their passports available when completing the application process.

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