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Health and Medical Treatment in France

Another consideration to keep in mind while you are in France is your health. You may need to visit an emergency facility or hospital for any type of accident or injury, at any given time. If you are not a resident of the country, the costs of such a visit can be quite high. International insurance is not accepted, of course.

The French government offers a health care program, and since it is mandatory that all residents and international guests alike be covered under such a plan, you should do this before you physically arrive in the country.

All international students who will be in France are required to have health insurance, either public or private. Many international students are eligible to take part in their universal health care coverage, though this is dependent upon factors such as age, country of origin, and length of their degree program.

To be eligible for the national health insurance program offered in France, students must be:

  • Under the age of 28 by October 1st of the current University year
  • Enrolled on a degree program for a period of 4 months or longer
  • Have a home country that is outside of the European Union or Switzerland

If any of these provisions are not met, an international student would be required to obtain private health insurance for themselves. Students from the European Economic area are exempt from participating provided they can show their valid European health insurance card or if they can show proof of carrying private health insurance in France. If a foreign student is interested in the state health care, they can pay 207 EUR to have the same coverage as its citizens.

Private medical insurance in France can also be purchased for those individuals who are staying in France for periods of less than 4 months, who are older than the age of 28, as well as those individuals who prefer to have private insurance. This coverage will not cover you fully and most people take out complementary coverage to fill in any gaps.

If you opt not to go with the national health care plan, you will be required to take out private medical insurance in France that will cover you for your healthcare expenses.

It is a good idea that you compare the different insurance companies and plans that are available when you are seeking private insurance. It is possible to find affordable coverage but it is also possible to pay for more than what you should if you are not careful. Thanks to the web you can easily make comparisons in just a short amount of time, and this is something that you should do so that you never pay more than what you should. The college years are a time in which money doesn’t always come too easily, and you should not spend it like it is growing on a tree. With a comparison you can get the coverage that you need at the price that is affordable to your budget.

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