Study in FranceStudy Abroad in Grenoble, France

Study Abroad in Grenoble, France

Studying abroad in Grenoble, France, will be an experience that will equip you intellectually by leading you to numerous job prospects. Make sure to check your final checklist before you leave, it is just as important as a parent picking up their child. After your final decision to study abroad in Grenoble, you will have to pick a suitable university, and you can find numerous affordable universities in France

There are many other aspects of living in a new place that will undoubtedly affect your life, and it’s no lie that Grenoble will guarantee you a cultural experience. Grenoble is also a fantastic destination to visit if you want to keep active. Whether you prefer sports or not, the mountains provide a beautiful backdrop for exploring or working out, whether you enjoy skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer.

Reasons to Study Abroad in Grenoble

Natural Attractions

Grenoble, located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of southern France, is nestled between the Drac and Isère rivers at the foot of the mountains. As a winter sports base, Grenoble is a perfect destination to go hiking and skiing. By studying abroad in the French Alps, you will have access to Olimpic ski slopes, and thus, enhance your skiing skills. Additionally, you can try indoor climbing, paragliding, or even kayaking. Immersion in a variety of parks is a terrific way to not only learn about Grenoble’s natural beauties but also to relax in nature. Grotte de Choranche, Lake Annecy, Mont Blanc, Aiguille de Midi and Les Deux Alpes are just a few of the natural wonders that will take you to another dimension of Grenoble. 

Things to Do

Grenoble, located on the Drac and Isère Rivers, is a high-tech science city surrounded by mountains in France’s Northern Alps. With a favorable geographical position, Grenoble was also an important settlement during the Roman era. Luckily, you can find many preserved findings and other historical sites that can be enjoyed by just everyone. Musée de Grenoble is just the perfect place to begin your journey as an international student. This museum is one of France’s most important art museums, with 57 rooms and a 1,500-piece collection. To continue with unforgettable experiences, cable cars will leave you mouth-opened as they carry you 263 meters up to the Bastille. These were just a few things one can do in Grenoble, not to mention outdoor game programs that should also be on the must-do list.

Quality Education 

Continuing your academic studies might be a little more enjoyable whether you’re sipping wine, taking in the scenery, or chatting in French with the people; but the cherry on top is the high-quality education that universities in Grenoble offer. Studying abroad in Grenoble, France, might provide a wealth of options to pursue a variety of academic specializations while taking in the breathtaking scenery of the French Alps. There are several programs available for students learning the French language in particular. While living in Grenoble, you would not only receive formal teaching from a native-speaking professor, but you could also fully immerse yourself and practice your new abilities.

Language Hub 

Grenoble is the greatest city to visit if you want to immerse yourself entirely in French culture. It’s a fantastic location to study French and practice speaking it on a regular basis. Even if your French isn’t up to standard, the people of Grenoble are all exceedingly polite and helpful. You’ll feel at ease conversing with them and learning everything there is to know about French living outside of the tourist traps. There are a number of French language courses available for international students throughout the year. While class time may account for a major chunk of your time studying abroad in Grenoble, you should take advantage of every opportunity to get out and enjoy the beautiful city you’re in. For example, visiting La Bastille, which is not to be mistaken with the Parisian Bastille. 

Study Abroad Programs in Grenoble

Social Sciences & International Politics

Sciences Po Grenoble – UGA is one of France’s ten Political Studies Institutes and part of a network of French “Grande Ecole” schools. The institution is known for its multidisciplinary social and political science education and research, and it offers courses in both English and French. Coursework is structured into tracks based on your language level, and instruction is provided in both French and English. Each track contains foundational social and political science courses, as well as a range of optional courses to flesh out your curriculum and improve your once-in-a-lifetime learning experience.

French Language & Culture

This program is designed for intermediate and advanced French speakers who want to enhance their French skills while learning more about French culture. Oral expression, vocabulary growth, phonetics, and listening comprehension are all included in language classes. The Université Grenoble Alpes’ Centre Universitaire d’Etudes Françaises, which was founded in 1339, is a premier French language school with over 3,000 students from over 100 countries. You can select elective courses from this program that focus on French culture, history, and art. To supplement and enrich your language studies, optional courses are provided in French.

Grenoble Engineering Program

The Grenoble Engineering Program is a one-semester program designed for second-year engineering sophomores. There are no prerequisites for this program. Furthermore, engineering courses are taught by French professors in English. Enrolling in this program has several advantages, including exposure to another culture and training for technical careers in the global economy. Students will experience engineering and science research in a cutting-edge international setting as well as guided field tours to see French research institutes, industry, and technological museums.

Tour de Math

The Tour de Math examines the French influence in American math classes. Students in Grenoble, France, enrolled in this program take one math course and a second-year French course. Grenoble is a well-established, academic atmosphere for American students to acquire mathematics and French, with two math institutes and a plethora of high-tech research consortiums. It does, however, provide students with numerous opportunities to immerse themselves in all areas of French culture while remaining focused on their academics. The goal of this curriculum is to help students comprehend American university mathematics courses by connecting them to their French roots.

Diplôme de Droit Français – Certificate in French Law

This program provides students with a degree that expands and improves their understanding of international, European, and French law. By enrolling in this program you will give yourself the opportunity to both, learn and enhance your French as well as improve your legal knowledge and abilities. Grenoble provides you with the chance to live and learn in a vibrant environment. The city is located in the French Alps’ heartland. Grenoble is a university town, therefore it is youthful, vibrant, and international. Exchange students do not have to pay anything. The overall tuition fee cost for the year of study for other students will be around €600.

Universities in Grenoble  

Here are some of the top ranked universities in Grenoble, France:

  • UGA – University Grenoble Alpes
  • Grenoble Ecole de Management 
  • Instituto Politécnico Nacional de Grenoble
  • Pierre Mendès-France University – Grenoble II
  • Institute D’administration Des Entreprises
  • Grenoble INP – Génie Industriel
  • Grenoble Graduate School of Business

How Much Does It Cost to Study Abroad in Grenoble?

When you arrive in France, you will be faced with many expenses that might total more than €1,000 per month. In Grenoble, the cost of living will range approximately near €800. These charges include moving into your housing, university registration fees for students, insurance and transportation costs, and the cost of having your visa verified if you are a third-country national. 

Tuition Fees 

When you choose to study in France, you receive access to high-quality programs tailored to a variety of student interests. Because the French government subsidizes higher education, tuition prices in public institutions are cheaper. However, non-EU students will have to pay a higher price for education in public universities. 

Tuition Fees in Grenoble
UGA – University Grenoble Alpes€170
Grenoble Ecole de Management €11,150

Living Expenses 

When you head to France, one of the most important aspects you should have figured out is the cost of living. Budgeting carefully for your university stay is critical and will help you avoid unexpected financial issues. Here’s a quick tip, tend to buy food or anything you need at low-cost supermarkets in the periphery and avoid small shops in the city center. 

Here’s the average cost of living expenses in Grenoble:

The Cost of Living in Grenoble
Meal in an Inexpensive Restaurant€12
Groceries and Personal Hygiene€250
Mobline Phone Plus Internet€30
Public Transport Ticket€1,60

A comparison of the cost of living between Grenoble and Paris:

Living ExpensesGrenobleParis
Meal in an Inexpensive Restaurant€12€15
Groceries and Personal Hygiene€250€350
Mobline Phone Plus Internet€30€30
Public Transport Ticket€1,80€1,90


Your biggest expense will be lodging, which might account for up to half of your monthly budget. Since Grenoble is the capital of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the housing options will vary and you will be content with their prices too. When deciding on your tertiary institution, it will be better if you start hunting for student accommodation as soon as possible.  

Here’s the average cost of accommodation in Grenoble, France:

Type of HousingThe Average Cost
Privately-Run Residence Halls€550
Residence Halls€350
Studio/Small Flat€400
A Shared Room€350

Places to Visit in Grenoble

Grenoble stands out from other French cities mainly for its natural surroundings. With its present name which derives from Gratianopolis, in respect of the Roman emperor Gratian, this city represents many historical landmarks. Just walking down the historic city center you will feel delighted and amazed by lovely houses and stunning architecture. 

Here are some of the must-visit attractions in Grenoble, France:

  • Vieille Ville 
  • Musée de Grenoble
  • Fort de la Bastille
  • Musée Archéologique Saint-Laurent
  • Jardin des Dauphins
  • Magasin des Horizons 
  • Jardin de Ville
  • Place Grenette
  • Musée Dauphinois

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