• Applying at French Universities

    How to Apply to Study at a University in France

    When deciding to apply for a college in France you of course must fill out the application in its entirety. The faster you do so, you speed up the process […]

  • study in france

    Tuition Fees in France

    France tuition fees normally would cost as they do in other countries (about €10,000 a year) but luckily, the French government subsidizes higher education so the tuition fees are actually […]

  • Before You Leave: Your Final Checklist

    There is no question that you will be excited to be going on the adventure of learning in France, but do not get in such a hurry that you leave […]

  • Visa and Entry Requirements for France

    Visa and Entry Requirements for France

    Any student wishing to attend a college in France will need to provide proof that they have a Visa to enter the country. These Visas are not required for periods […]