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Best Computer Science Universities in France

Although France is known for its delicious cheese, bread and croissants, the educational system and its qualified universities are not an exception. In fact, when it comes to computer science studies, France has some of the best universities in the world. On the subject of the digital era, people have enhanced their way of living significantly due to an abundance of technological devices. 

France is a leading country in terms of providing proper education and facilities to develop competitive computer scientists. International students who want to make a difference in the digital world and like tackling challenging issues should consider the following top universities for computer science degrees in France. 

Here are the top computer science universities in France:

Sorbonne Université 

Sorbonne Université, known as France’s top computer science institution, was formed in 2018 and has since been delivering courses tailored to its students’ professional goals. In the computer science faculty, international students will study algorithmic processes and computational machines. The institution has produced award-winning graduates and teachers, making it one of France’s most distinguished. Furthermore, Sorbonne’s computer science faculty covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from theoretical studies of algorithms, computation, and information to practical challenges of implementing computing systems in hardware and software. 

Students who pursue a master’s degree in computer science at Sorbonne Université will gain knowledge and abilities in bioinformatics and modeling, as well as the opportunity to develop as computer scientists. More to this, students enrolled in the international master’s program in collaboration with the Université Libre de Bruxelles located in Belgium will be required to spend a semester at a partner university, either during the M2 internship or for coursework.

École Normale Supérieure

The ENS Computer Science Department (DI ENS) was founded in 1999 and combines high-level research with good teaching. Serving as both a teaching department and a research facility connected with the CNRS and Inria, the computer science department covers core foundations of data science, security and reliability, algorithms, and graphs. The ENS’s Computer Science department is the educational and scientific framework to which all people who study computer science as their primary field are affiliated. The department provides courses in computer science foundations, with an emphasis on preparing students for careers in scientific research. 

These students take the ENS diploma’s IT course, which consists of the L3 – third year of bachelor’s degree, M1 and M2 – two years of master’s degree. Not to leave aside the preparation for the agrégation, with a focus on the computer science option of the mathematics agrégation. Graduates with this high-quality education can pursue a variety of jobs. In terms of learning quality, the DI ENS provides computer science training to its students, specifically through the ENS diploma and the PSL Graduate Program in Computer Science.

Université Grenoble Alpes

Université Grenoble Alpes bears the name of the city Grenoble which is located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of southeastern France. This university is one of the best-established universities and the largest one in the field of research. Students in the computer science degree will learn the fundamentals of the field. The training held in this institution is carried out in both French and English. International students interested in pursuing a master’s degree in computer science can enroll in a co-accredited program offered by Grenoble University Alpes and Grenoble Polytechnic Institute. 

The program’s objective is to provide high-level computer science instruction for software and hardware engineering, as well as computer science research. The training includes a wide range of topics, including software and hardware engineering, theoretical computer science, which spans numerous areas, and the intersection of mathematics and computer science, such as computer security and optimization. Some of the offered courses include: Operations Research, Combinatorics and Optimization, Cybersecurity, Computer Engineering, Supplementary Computing Skills, Communications Engineering and Data Science.

 University Paul Sabatier 

The institution is named after Paul Sabatier, a physicist who was born in Carcassonne in 1854. The University of Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier is a public scientific, cultural, and professional establishment (EPSCP) with a legal identity, as well as educational, scientific, administrative, and financial autonomy. The program of computer science which falls under the faculty of science and engineering enables students to grasp the most up-to-date concepts regarding artificial intelligence, software development, human-machine interactions, and so forth.  

The second cycle of computer science studies is divided into two separate branches: one is a Master of Computer Science for Aerospace, and the other is a Master of Computer Science. As for the last one, it provides advanced scientific and technological training. The training focuses on identifying the most promising technological developments in order to prepare students for them and allow them to adapt to the fast growth of information and communication technology. The Computer Science for Aerospace (CSA) master’s degree program’s goal is to educate future computer scientists and managers in a global working environment by choosing exceptional candidates from all around the world.

Université of Bordeaux

For the quality of its teaching and research, the University of Bordeaux is considered among the best in France. International students make up around 12% of the University of Bordeaux’s student body. The university has created a variety of foreign study programs that are taught in English and allow students to earn joint or double degrees. When it comes to computer science studies, the University of Bordeaux offers two degrees: Bachelor of Science and Master of Computer Science. This department’s major responsibilities include promoting the transfer of scientific culture and knowledge, developing international educational programs, and providing career counseling to students.

The Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science covers several courses, starting with Elementary Data Structures and Algorithms, Functional Programming, Basic Algorithms and Programming, among others. International students will be equipped with the fundamentals of computer science for this cycle of study. While in the master level, students will dive deeper into the program of computer science which covers more advanced courses, Software Verification, Advanced Graph Theory, Distributed Algorithms, to mention a few. 

Is France a Good Place to Study Computer Science?

In today’s world, studying computer science is a smart choice, and France offers several high-quality colleges to students from all over the world. France’s institutions continuously score at the top of university rankings, inferring that this is a strong reason why international students continue to choose France as their preferred destination for computer science studies. In addition, France’s educational system will equip you with personal and professional skills to help you advance and succeed.

What Computer Science Degrees Are Available in France?

International students can find Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Computer Science, depending on the availability of degrees at French universities. They can select from a variety of specialties offered by a number of prestigious colleges. A bachelor’s degree generally takes three years to complete, while a master’s degree takes two years.

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